Coaching culture leads to exceptional VCE results

Brighton Grammar continues to maintain its position as one of Victoria's leading boys' schools, delivering exceptional VCE results.

Dux David (Mingdong) Yang received the highest possible ATAR of 99.95, one of only 39 students in the state to do so. He also achieved a perfect study score of 50 for the second year in a row.

Across the board, 5% of BGS students (7 students) received an ATAR of 99 and above, almost 30% (29.5%) of students scored ATARs of 95 and above, almost half the cohort (48.2%) received an ATAR of 90 and above, the median ATAR score was 89.70 and 12 perfect study scores of 50 were achieved across a number of subjects.

Headmaster Ross Featherston credits Brighton Grammar’s coaching culture and positive masculinity framework throughout the school as key to these outstanding achievements.

‘By staying connected and developing a strong sense of authentic self, our students were motivated to succeed.

‘Our coaching approach – to academics and also to setting life goals – strengthened student relationships (connectedness) and boosted learning outcomes (motivation),’ Mr Featherston said.

‘These qualities transcend the school gate; they are important lessons for life.’

Brighton Grammar celebrated the achievements of the entire Year 12 cohort, including those students who chose the non-ATAR pathway of work placements, on the job training in a trade or sport development programs.

‘I am very proud of our Year 12s who adopted the legacy motto of stand beside – by supporting each other and those in our community this year,’ Mr Featherston said.

‘They have held leadership roles, played sport, performed music and drama and undertaken community service activities. These experiences have enhanced their academic success and hopefully will set them up to have successful and happy lives.

‘I wish the Class of 2023 well and look forward to welcoming them back to BGS as part of our young Old Boys’ academic mentoring and coaching programs.’