Coaching in Action

It has been a busy week across campus with online coaching activities taking place.

Our Year 10 students coached the Year 5 boys, and our Year 11s had their final coaching session with Year 6 students. These online activities have energised the younger and older students creating great links across the school.

The Year 5 and Year 10 group played a game of Preferences, responding to questions like: Do you prefer Japan or Paris? Tacos or Fish & Chips? Tennis or Swimming?  The boys altered their backgrounds to indicate their choices quickly showing the majority opinion. 

Boys also explored common ground: being taught by the same teacher, owning a dog, having siblings, enjoying similar sports and hobbies or leading with their right when shooting hoops, putting on shoes and kicking a ball. 

Year 10 students have developed great leadership skills and have inspired the Year 5 boys to work on their own leadership skills as they move towards Year 6 in 2022.

The Year 6 and Year 11 group enjoyed an energiser of What do we have in common? and then held their final coaching session for the year. The boys’ achievements were celebrated and helpful habits were reinforced.

Having learned how to set goals, how to improve step by step and what helps to sustain success will set our Year 6 boys in good stead as they transition to Year 7 in 2022. 

Brent Brickhill
Instructional Coach