The Old Brighton Grammarians’  

Community for life!

You can take the boy out of Brighton but you cannot take Brighton out of the boy! Every boy who leaves Brighton Grammar automatically becomes a member of the OBGS (Old Brighton Grammarian Society). Established in 1908, the OBGS of today continues to be inspired by the same principles of our founding members.

  • keeping Old Boys in touch with each other and
  • and keeping them in touch with the School.

This is done in many different ways recognising that our membership is so diverse in age (18 – 88), interests, careers, life stage and even country of residence.  But there is one thing that ties you together and that is you are all Old Boys of our great school.  

Keeping you in touch with each other

This is done through:

  • Class reunions
  • Regional reunions and community events interstate and overseas
  • Social media – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter
  • Involvement in sports clubs
  • Involvement in other clubs
  • Serving on the OBGS committee

Keeping you in touch with the School

Getting involved with BGS today by

Keeping in touch from afar