Brighton Grammarians’ Masonic Lodge

What is the Lodge?

The Brighton Grammarians’ Masonic Lodge is a service based club, much like Rotary or Lions, which is affiliated with Freemasons Victoria. 

The traditions of Freemasonary are very old and quite fascinating. 

Learn more at the Freemasons website.  

Brighton Grammarians’ Lodge No. 433 was founded in 1927. Founding members included BGS ‘legends’ H V Mitchell, H E Dixon, R W Tovell, Archdeacon Hancock and W A Jack.  

Many are under the mistaken impression the Freemasonry is a ‘secret’ society.  Nothing could be further from the truth! The traditions of Freemasonry dictate that some small parts of the ceremonies are kept secret but the organisation itself is  very open and a great supporter of the needy in our community.  

Get involved

The Brighton Grammarians’ Lodge meets in Brighton on the second Wednesday of every month except January.  
Contact Andrew Biggin, Secretary of the Brighton Grammarians’ Lodge, 8591 2272 or