Crowther in Kansas

Internationally renowned educational expert Jim Knight invited BGS staff Dr Ray Swann and Mark Dowley to the University of Kansas in early November for a training course in Instructional Coaching. The trip was funded through an Australian new business grant and was part of an ongoing relationship with the Instructional Coaching Group and the Crowther Centre.

The world-class course supported our current evidence-based approach to teaching and gave proven, school-wide strategies for improving teacher practice. The BGS coaching team has already begun implementing some of these processes as part of the School’s goal to ensure that every student receives excellent instruction.

The work of Jim Knight and the data his research team have collected supports the BGS model that uses the Visible Learning framework to develop effective learners. Training courses such as this, and access to international experts and the best available research, as well as the various relationships we’re cultivating, will ensure that BGS remains a world leader in using coaching for professional development.

Mark Dowley
Director of Staff Development, ELC–VCE