Developing Effective Learners in 2024 and Beyond

A crucial role of schools is providing students with the knowledge needed to thrive in life and further academic and work pursuits.

Perhaps even more crucial than providing this knowledge, is furnishing students with the skills and know-how required to continue to learn independently beyond Year 12.

There is no way for us to provide students with all the knowledge they will ever need during their brief time at school. Thus, we must support our students to be effective learners.

BGS has a long history of focusing on this crucial area of student development. From the Effective Learner Model to the Syndicate program, many of our initiatives focus on preparing students to learn how to learn effectively.

In the search for more effective ways to develop effective learners, we have conducted a number of surveys, discussions, and meetings with both staff and students throughout 2023 to determine key areas of focus for improvement for Years 7-12 in 2024.

Through this process, four key areas have been identified for focus in 2024:

  1. Organisation and productive habits
  2. Focus and attentional control
  3. Note taking and summarisation
  4. Exam preparation

Throughout 2024, some of our tutor time will be allocated to supporting all boys to develop their knowledge and skills in these four key areas, with a different focus each term. This renewed focus in tutor time, and in classes, to effective learning will be called the Effective Learner Program.

With organisation and productive habits as the focus for Term 1, students will be introduced to a unified method for using their BGS planners more effectively to track tasks, plan their time use, and establish pause points in their day to ensure that they check their planner and have everything they need.

There will be much more communication to come about the Effective Learner Program (ELP) in 2024 and we’re excited about the way this program will support the long-term skills required to help all boys to be effective learners and to thrive in school, higher education and beyond.

Oliver Lovell
Secondary Teacher | Senior Researcher