ELC boy visit the Science Lab

ELC boys are naturally curious, and with a science lab across the road, it’s off to the Secondary School for some scientific discoveries.

Visiting the Science Laboratory is always a highlight of Term 2 for the ELC4 boys. For many, it is the first time they have crossed the road and set foot into our Secondary School, and what a big adventure it must seem for them.

Walking alongside Crowther Oval, the boys could be heard whispering in amazement, ‘this oval is even bigger than ours’ and ‘is this all part of Brighton Grammar?’ The boys’ eyes lit up as they walked under the clocktower and into the Quad, home of the famous Oak Tree. We stopped to discuss the important history of the Oak tree, which is over 90 years old, before walking through the Atrium to finally reach the Science Laboratory.

There, the boys were eager to sit at their very own desks and their legs were swinging with excitement in their very large chairs. Jane Nurton, the Laboratory Manager, introduced the boys to complex scientific concepts and terminology, including how static electricity and electrical charges can bend water and how opposite magnetic poles are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel.

Once they had learned the theoretical concepts, it was time to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Giving the boys the freedom to move around the room and tangibly test out their inquiries helped to facilitate their emerging autonomy as independent learners full of curiosity, commitment and enthusiasm.

The boys’ excitement and desire to learn were evident through the number of questions they had for Jane during the session. Being part of a single campus school and engaging with the wider Brighton Grammar community provides our youngest boys with fantastic opportunities to develop their curiosities whilst also instilling an ongoing enthusiasm for learning.

The ELC4 boys are already looking forward to heading back to the lab next term.

Christina O’Neill
ELC4 Teacher