End-of-year time management

This week’s Melbourne Cup Weekend marks, for me, the start of the run home as we hurtle towards our 7 December completion. So much happens between our return to School next Wednesday and the first week of December that our boys have little choice but to be alert to ‘the little things’.

I invite Middle School parents to use this time to challenge their son’s time management and organisational skills. There is no shortage of special events in the next five weeks, including the revision period, examinations, three rounds of Summer Saturday Sport, activity days, speech night, the annual Walkathon, transition days and carol services to name a few. Boys will wear a mixture of school uniform, sports uniform and casual dress throughout. They may experience earlier finishing times, be at home for a report writing day or be asked to stay later on another day to assist with set-up.

There is one consistent theme among all of the events mentioned above; they revolve around your son.

Even if you are well-researched and know the answers, this is a perfect opportunity to put your son to the test. I encourage you to make him more accountable for his time management and organisation by asking questions like:

  • Where do you need to be tomorrow?
  • What time will you start/finish?
  • What do you need to wear?
  • Do you need to pack anything special?

Generally, the same information that is made available for parents via School Stream is provided to the boys on The Hub. There is nothing wrong with reminding your son that the myriad of School activities at this time of year are run to benefit him, and he is expected to be up to speed with relevant instructions and details.

You never know, he might even surprise you!

Tim Marshall
Year 7 Head of House