Fair play on the ice

Year 6 boys skate their way to silver

Three BGS Year 6 boys – AJ Harris, Aidan McDonald and Landon Penca – fought it out together on the ice last week as part of the Victoria State team. They won silver in the Ginsberg National Ice Hockey Australia 13-and-under tournament in Perth, losing to NSW in a tight final. Team Victoria members won awards for the highest point scorer and best defenseman and, significantly, the team won the Fair Play award for the least number of penalty minutes for the entire tournament.

AJ, Aidan and Landon have only been playing in the same team for a few months. For the Victorian team, they train at Oakleigh ice arena once a week, at the civilised time of Sunday morning at 6.15am! They also train and play with other teams.

AJ started skating when he was 3 and playing hockey when he was 4. For him, the speed of the game (ice hockey is often called the world’s fastest team sport) is a drawcard. Teamwork is paramount, as the boys need to trust that their teammates will be in position and able to make the right decision fast. Split-second decisions can mean the difference between a goal or not in this exciting, skilful sport.

Congratulations to the boys on their hard work and success.