First Horizon Program

Throughout 2020, we have all had to change the we way we do things. The First Horizon program on the weekend was no different.

When we decided to run the program using a Zoom, hybrid model, we thought carefully about the essential elements of the experience. On Friday morning, the boys grabbed their DIY packs and headed off with their mentors. Some took part at home and others headed away as we had some had groups staying together in various locations around Victoria.

Throughout the weekend, we came together on Zoom to share stories and the connection we created was almost instantaneous. After the circles, the participants headed offline to complete the resources in their First Horizon packs. 

While the experience was different, the outcomes were largely the same. We came together to share stories and consider who were as people. We gave our boys the chance to build a vision of who they wanted to become as we witnessed them emerge as young men. 

James Hilditch
Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator