Virtual Chinese debating championship

International Students Forum on the Hub

As we are heading into the improvement phase of DL 2.0, BGS has established the International Students Forum which can be found at The Oak on the Hub.

This platform is dedicated to creating more connections among our international students. Our very first event organised for the boys is the BGS 2020 Chinese Debating (Virtual) Championship which aims to polish the boys’ language and thinking skills.

Old Boy Daniel Gu (OB 2019) is on board to help coach the boys. At BGS, Daniel became an active and valuable debater from Year 10, a journey he continued to pursue after finishing school. Our boys train online once a week with Daniel and they have formed two competing teams: ‘Serve People by Virtues’ and ‘Fighting for Champion’. 

The teams will debate on, ‘The success of young people is dependent on their own capability or the success of young people is decided by the external environment’. Which team will get the first win? We will find out on Tuesday 12 May.

By Wen Yan
Head of Chinese