Futures Forum 2017

‘Career choice’ can be daunting words. It’s one thing to consider a list of professions but quite another to understand what these roles involve on a daily basis. BGS boys are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to hear about a wide variety of careers, in practice, at the biennial Futures Forum.

Last week, the boys heard from more than 60 presenters, almost half of whom were Old Boys, but also parents, staff and friends. Presenters represented roles as various as diplomat, industrial designer, humanitarian, software engineer, director, actor, paramedic and entrepreneur. It was clearly a valuable afternoon for the boys.

“The Futures Forum got the students thinking about their own future in society and gave them a taste of the life that lies beyond the school walls.” (Kieran Farrell, Year 10)

 “The visitors from out of school, including Old Boys, were able to provide advice and assistance as well as a basic outline of each possible career.” (Daniel Parish, Year 12)

“It was nice to hear from people who have made it and what they have done to get there.” (Rob Capp, Year 12)