Getting ‘the Bigger Picture’ through art

Have you seen the giant nest in the front garden of the ELC? This is an example of the collaborative art projects that have been growing all term. The theme for this year’s bi-annual art exhibition was ‘The Bigger Picture’, and the focus was on the outdoor environment and explorations from a boy’s point of view. To inspire our works, we looked at patterns in nature, reflections, textures and the feelings created in the great outdoors.

This theme reflects a change in the focus of our outdoor program. We are moving away from manufactured toys and equipment to the use of logs, rocks, shells, twigs and any odd bits upcycled from hard-rubbish collections – and the boys have been loving it. They particularly enjoyed a simple foam jumping pit made from a huge wooden crate donated by a parent. Another valuable find was a 1960s sewing machine. Before taking to the machine with a screwdriver, the boys had hours of fun driving and watching the parts work together (yes, it still worked!). Ultimately, the machine was used to complete one of our art exhibits.

The congregation of parents at the Art Trail is a wonderful by-product of the show and an example of our celebration of the 3CP.