Hands-on charity in Middle School

Last week, the Year 7 boys heard from two special guests: Jamie Howden from the Cathy Freeman Foundation and Sally Treacy from Projec10.

Jamie is a BGS Old Boy and CEO of the Cathy Freeman Foundation. He described what he remembers about life in the Middle School and what inspired him to become involved in charity. He appealed to the students to make the most of the opportunities available and to find something that they are passionate about.

Sally Treacy spoke about Projec10, a newly developed idea designed to get young people working together to raise money for those less fortunate than themselves. In the process, students become more innovative and globalised learners.

Sally’s presentation was engaging and hands-on. The boys were invited to participate in an activity using a Monopoly board to illustrate the disparities that exist in our world. One or two students held all the property cards and money, while the remaining students started with little to nothing. Sally posed the question, ‘If this was a game of life, who would win?’

The boys are now working in groups on fundraising projects. Sally emphasised that they will come up against obstacles in their planning, but not to let this stop them. We expect that this will be an empowering and satisfying experience for the boys as they realise that they have agency in the community, and that they can raise funds for a cause in which they believe.

We look forward to seeing the boys’ fundraising ideas come to fruition. Watch out for ways in which you can support them.