Harry’s home gym makes the news

Harry McKenzie has appeared in the news this week.

The below excerpt appeared on The New Daily’webpage, speaking about life during Distance Learning. 


Stuck-at-home students tell of their struggles and triumphs making the grade

Harry McKenzie, a Year Nine student at Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, said he had no complaints about classes being conducted online.

“It’s pretty similar to the classroom – we can use a ‘raise hand’ function to ask the teacher questions,” Harry, 15, told The New Daily. 

When asked if it was easy to get distracted at home, Harry said a few of his friends had lost motivation.

“It’s quite easy to not do work and do something else instead,” he said.

As part of his school’s education plan under lockdown, students are encouraged to spend one class period each week learning a new skill.

“I’ve built a home gym with a few things around the house, like bricks and things,” Harry said.

“I found a plastic thin pipe and threaded it through the holes in the bricks and taped it up to make barbells.”