Honouring one another

Last Friday evening, the Crowther sported 60 inviting tents as 110 participants (Year 4 boys, their parent/mentor and staff) gathered for the second annual Young Warriors’ Camp. The aim of the camp is to help boys feel secure, connected to family, and valued in a way that has a direct impact on their wellbeing. The camp also allows parents and mentors to gain child-development skills and knowledge.

With faces painted in team colours, boys participated in games while parents and mentors connected through workshops. The night culminated in a ‘talent show’. There were musical performances, riddles and jokes, and BGS favourites such as ‘Lord of the Dance’ were sung around the campfire.

On Saturday morning, the boys rose with the sun and woke up their more reluctant guests. Everyone took part in more games and bonding activities before enjoying breakfast, packing up the tents and heading off to their various Saturday morning pursuits.

“The various activities facilitated by Dr Arne Rubenstein’s team provided an opportunity for one-on-one connection time for the boys and their dad/mum/mentor, and focused on the importance of relationships. The camp was a great success, with many highlights for young and old(er), but it was most rewarding to hear the quality of conversations, love and ‘honouring’ between the boys and adults.” (Peter Tellefson)

Michael Stephens
Year 4 Teacher
Middle Primary Co-ordinator