Hooked on Books

Year 3 Burke students are getting hooked on books through their Book Club groups.

Book Club is a fun and engaging activity during Distance Learning 3.0. It allows the boys to have discussions with group members about their text while developing their skills of reading aloud, finding the main idea, recalling facts and details and much, much more!

Each day, one of the three Book Club groups – Geckos, Panthers and Bears – reads one page aloud to the rest of the class.  Along the way we often find tricky vocabulary, so the boys discuss what the word could mean and how they figured it out (finding word meaning in context). As they read aloud, they practise decoding difficult or new words by breaking the word down into its sounds and syllables.

Boys also develop expression, particularly Bears and Panthers, because they are reading fiction texts, and fluency. After each boy has had a turn reading, we discuss what we read by recalling facts and details.

The boys enjoy this because they tend to make connections from their lives with the text. We think about author’s purpose and draw conclusions. We use the whiteboard tool to share information. Lastly, we make a prediction about what we will read next time.

Book Club has allowed boys to come together in small groups, practise and enhance their reading and comprehension skills, and just have fun reading!

Jacqui Stenniken
Year 3 Burke Teacher