House Colours: a badge of honour

I still remember the first day of walking into school and looking at the large projector screen and searching for my name, eager to find which House I was in.

After some searching, I found my name under the purple banner of Rofe and next minute was being transported by a fellow year 12 Rofer to my tutor group.

This is one of the most special things about being in a House as it connects an 18-year-old boy about to finish his final year of schooling to a small Year 7 boy, trying to find his place in a new school environment. Little did I know at this point that my journey in Rofe would lead to so much passion and love for my House.

Being part of a House at BGS is something truly special and something you may not fully appreciate until your later years in the school. Being in a House determines a lot of things in our schooling lives, whether it be our PE classes, tutor groups, or even the boys we will share a tent and food with on our camps.

I didn’t really take in the huge connection that a House group gives you until Big Fella this year, where your whole House group is tasked with the challenge of making their way up Mt Bogong.

On this nearly endless hike, I reflected upon how many special friendships I had with each and every person in our House and I don’t think there was one person I didn’t talk to on the day long trek. Most of the talk on the hike was also about the many great memories we had shared together like funny stories from camps, PE lessons and other House competitions.

My view about the House system is that you will get out of it from what you put in. If you really invest in making strong friendships within your House group and participate in as many events as possible, you will find the rewards. One of these rewards is being presented today with House colours.

These are examples of boys who have served their House in multiple events in successive years and is celebrated by a stripe along the top of the blazer pocket in the colour of your House. These are the boys that are mainly responsible for our great House culture at BGS and contribute significantly towards their House’s success.

House colours is an award that all boys who come through this school should strive to achieve. It is not only a small honour on your blazer, but is a representation of your connection to your House and the many relationships you have made within it.

It also represents your passion and sacrifice for your House, whether it be running in the 1500m at athletics, putting your time aside to debate for the House or getting stitched up with the butterfly in House Swimming.

All these boys today should be celebrated for their immense passion and sacrifice for their House.

Connor Marriott
Co Vice-Captain of School