iDesign 2021

Presenting your 2021 iDesign award winners, including the 2021 iDesign overall winner Ben Ride for his Solar sun tracker. 

The iDesign program challenges Year 8 boys to think creatively, plan and bring their ideas to life selecting a personal mentor, often a family member, and over the years it’s the time spent collaborating with their mentors that becomes the most rewarding experience of all.  

Representing nearly a years work as boys seek to solve real-world problems or create real-world opportunities in categories of entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability and inventiveness. From VR to beach clothing, sustainable bikes, animated paintings and cook books, the range and depth of inventiveness on display continues to amaze us.

Boys present their projects to their tutor classes, with the top 12 projects presenting their project to a panel of judges in a shark tank style judging process from where the overall winner is selected.

Below is a list of this year’s finalists and winners. Well done.

  1. iDesign Overall 2021 winner: Ben Ride for his Solar sun tracker  
  2. iDesign award for Excellence (Runner Up): Fletcher Brougham  for his Educational VR for dyslexia 
  3. Quicksilver Award for Inspiration: William Rattray for his ‘Surf Turf’ beach product and brand 
  4. Tools for Schools Award for Sustainability: Angus Mackintosh for his Sustainable bike 
  5. Zart Art Creativity Award: Thomas Dunne for his animated painting  
  6. Wade Institute Award for Entrepreneurship: Rupert Toomey for his Teen golf clothing range 
  7. Asics Inventiveness Award: Charlie Sabin for his 3D printed camera stand 
  8. The Pastoral Award: Loki Morgan  for his BGS lego artwork 
  9. The BGS Award: Will O’Leary for his BGS dog clothing 
  10. People’s Choice Award: Oscar Goodger McGrath for his Drift Bike and Runner Up Jackson Follett for his cooking book and classes, ‘Hungry Jax.’ 

House Finalists: 

  1. Jackson Follett (Creativity) Hungry Jax Cookbook CROWTHER
  2. Aidan Hearne (Inventiveness) Solar panel Bees wax box CROWTHER
  3. Angus Mackintosh (Sustainability) Bike ARMSTRONG
  4. Will Rattray Surf and Turfgrass (Entrepreneurship) ARMSTRONG
  5. Ben Ride (Sustainability) Solar Panel DIXON#1 
  6. Huw Thomas (Creativity) Remote Plane DIXON
  7. Oscar Gooder McGrath- Drift Bike (Inventiveness) SCHOOL 
  8. Fletcher Brougham (Inventiveness) SCHOOL
  9. Will O’Leary (Entrepreneurship) Dog Jackets ROFE
  10. Rupert Toomey Golf Clothing for Teens (Entrepreneurship) ROFE
  11. Charlie Sabin Camera stand (Inventiveness) HANCOCK
  12. Thomas Dunne Animated painting (Creativity) HANCOCK