In search of the perfect climb

During four recent ELC visits to the beach, many of the boys spent time climbing in the ti trees, ‘rescuing’ each other in their guise as the ‘Mountain Brothers’. They were keen to replicate the experience at School, so we set out to find a climbing tree.  

As we walked along, Adam described the right kind of tree: “We need a twisty one that is easy to get on and then goes up high.” We couldn’t find the perfect tree in the ELC playground, so we ventured out to the Senior School.

Before long, the boys noticed a group of likely-looking trees near the music rooms – and they were up! Simultaneously, they managed to negotiate space so that everyone could climb, keep their gumboots on (tricky) and, subconsciously, entertain the older boys in the music rooms.

We now have two pressing missions: to remember the route we took to find the ti trees at the beach, and to make sure the trees in our school grounds are looked after so that future BGS boys can climb too.

Kathy Pitt
Assistant Director of the Early Learning Centre