Inaugural BGS ‘Generations’ Photograph

Kate Birrell Alumni & Community Manager

There is something wonderful about multiple generations attending the same school. When you arrive on your first day as a second, third or fourth generation BGS student, there is already an affinity with the place, knowing that family members have gone before you. You’ve heard stories, you know what house they were in. It’s a special thing.

To celebrate the significance of ‘BGS Generations’, we planned a photograph of all the current students who are the sons or grandsons of Old Boys and their Old Boy forebears. The concept was met with open arms by the families. Plans were made, and remade, as the RSVPs came rolling in. Over 220 current and past students attended, with only a handful unable to be there.

The result was spectacular. The group photograph is impressive in itself. However, what trumped this was seeing all the boys arrive at School with their dads and granddads, and spend time together in the Quadrangle that they had all walked during their years at BGS. One father said that it was particularly special for the boys to witness their fathers sharing stories with old school friends – a great bonding experience for fathers and sons. Meliora Sequamur.

Some of the individual family photographs can also be viewed in the gallery.