Innovation and entrepreneurship served at breakfast

Alibaba’s MD blows our minds and Jackson keeps us charged.

e-commerce trail-blazer Maggie Zhou, Managing Director for Alibaba Australia and NZ, was the guest speaker at our BGS Breakfast Bios event on Tuesday. Maggie wowed the audience of 160 guests (parents, Old Boys, staff and sponsors) with the sheer scale and numbers around the 19-year-old online retail giant, which is arguably the largest e-commerce company in the world. Currently, the network delivers an average of 57 million packages per day!

Maggie was almost out-shone by our own entrepreneur in the making, Jackson Court (Year 7), who was invited to share with the audience a little about his new business enterprise, Jax Solar Pax. Last year, after experiencing the frustration of running out of power for his mobile phone while out and about, Jackson designed a solar-powered backpack. He entered the prototype into the Victorian Science Talent Competition and came away as a finalist – and with loads of people expressing their desire to buy one.

According to Jackson, “I knew from the prototype that this would be a success as there are so many uses for my solar-powered backpacks.  Also, I figured it was more fun to start a business and sell backpacks online than to do chores around the house for extra pocket money.”

In his product design, Jackson collaborated with the innovations department at Energy Australia, and a graphic designer helped him with his logo. The packs are being manufactured in China and warehoused where all great businesses start – in the garage.

Jax Solar Pax comes in two styles: the Sports Solar Pax and the Day Solar Pax. Both are ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time outside – hikers, skiers, cyclists, walkers, Year 7 boys…

To learn more about Jax Solar Pax, or to buy one, visit the website: