Junior School Science

Humans have always looked with wonder at the movement of the celestial bodies in the sky. We have used its rhythms to define our days, our months and our years. This term, our Year 5 boys are studying our solar system in a Science unit, Earth’s Place in Space. It has provided the boys with hands-on opportunities to explore how the patterns in the sky define time and navigation.

Our Year 3 boys are studying the processes of pollination and germination, the stages in a plant’s life cycle. They are growing their own bean plants, making sure the conditions are just right. This enables our boys to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation of plants as we depend on them for oxygen, many foods, fibres, building materials, medicines and fuels.

In our unit, All Mixed Up, our Year 2 boys are thoroughly enjoying experimenting with different mixtures and how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can alter its properties and uses. They have learned about materials that don’t mix well and others that are difficult to separate.  Making ‘corn-starch mud’ recently proved to be lots of fun!

Laura Hall
Junior School Science teacher