Kaboom Percussion

Another fantastic music incursion!

On Friday, Kaboom Percussion entertained Prep – Year 2 BGS and FGS students with a fabulous hands-on show which the students enjoyed immensely. Students were fascinated by the instruments made out of recycled materials as Kaboom created music by using pens, buckets, bottles, sticks, suitcases, thongs and tubes.

Students joined in on many different body percussion patterns and songs. One particular highlight was a Disney medley of songs played on a long row of bottles that were tuned chromatically.

Last term, sound was our focus in Class Music and it was wonderful for the boys to see how many different things affect the sound of an instrument and to experience the joy of live music.

Hearing the students’ laughter and seeing their faces and bodies move to the music with such a joy was a highlight. It was a memorable experience for all involved. 

Hayley Blakiston
Head of Junior School Music