Senior Executive Team

The day to day management and operation of the School, along with the implementation of the Strategic Plan is delegated to the Headmaster who is supported by his Senior Executive Team. 

Ross Featherston – Headmaster
Peter Tellefson – Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School
Michael Arceri – Director of Business & Support Services
Jeremy Martin – Head of Middle School
John Phillips– Director of Advancement
Melissa Martin – Director of Human Resources
Ray Swann – Head of Senior School, Director of the Crowther Centre
Natalie van Wetering – Director of Marketing and Communications


BGS School Council

The School Council is the governing body of Brighton Grammar with responsibility for operational management vested in the Headmaster. The Council consists of representatives from all sections of our community – parents, past parents, Old Boys and nominees of St Andrew’s Church Vestry.

New Chairman Peter Ickeringill_edit

Chairman of School Council, Peter Ickeringill

Peter Ickeringill Partner, Baker & McKenzie

Deputy Chairman
Mike McGrath  Managing Partner Markets, PwC

Honorary Treasurer
Jane Tongs Company Director

Peter Court Managing Director, Streetscope Research
Neil Edwards St Andrews nominee
Jacqueline Hey Professional Company Director
Noelene Horton Former Principal of Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
Reverend Jan Joustra Vicar of St Andrew’s Church
Sam Paynter (OB86) Company Director Greg Hocking Real Estate, Brighton President of the Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society
Peter Scott (OB76) Sales Director, Murray Goulburn Co-Operative
Michael Arceri  BSG Director of Business & Support Services, Secretary to the Council
Matthew Reid (OB90) Partner, PwC 

Committees of Council

School Council
Responsible for the overarching governance of the School. To establish strategic direction, appoint Headmaster, monitor financial and school operating performance and establish and monitor the risk management framework.

Finance Committee
Oversee the financial affairs of the School including annual budget, audit and financial risk management.

Governance and Risk Committee
Oversee key policies and strategy relating to governance and risk.

Enablement Committees (Enablement Technology & Enablement Property)
Overseeing the ongoing development, review, implementation and evolution of the School’s enablement program to ensure that it is fit for purpose, supports and is aligned to the School’s strategy and ensuring that the program is aligned to the financial capacity of the School as confirmed by Finance Committee as required. The program covers organizational business models, partnerships, procurement policy, technology strategy & facilities strategy implementation and management. The program also includes the facilities Master Plan;

Strategy Committee
Develop with the Headmaster, for recommendation to Council, the strategic direction for the School. Monitor implementation progress.

The BGS Foundation Ltd
To oversee charitable funds, monitor compliance and approve fund disbursements.