With the construction of the Middle School in 2014, we took the opportunity to create a large archive in the basement below the Urwin Centre for Learning  to house our most treasured archives in a safe and ordered environment. We have engaged Ms Jane Mayo Carolan to catalogue and organise the boxes and boxes of history that we have. Jane is a renowned Melbourne-based archivist and historian, with much experience in establishing archives for university colleges and independent schools.

A word from our archivist

Archives matter!

Archives hold much of our school memory and form an essential bridge between the past, present and future. Archives record the challenges, the aspirations and the experiences of today’s generation and the generations that have preceded us. They document our successes and our failures. They are thereby an asset which we feel a duty to preserve and to pass on for the use and benefit of our successors at Brighton Grammar School.


A photo of the prefects from 1913

Archival records are a source of essential evidence of important decisions and activities undertaken that underpin the corporate memory of the school. They form an essential and irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage. Archives make it possible for Brighton Grammarians to connect with the wonderful depth and richness of the school experience – the sense that somehow the souls of human beings now departed can yet resonate through documentary evidence of their lives, their relationships and their activities at school and beyond.

Jane Mayo Carolan   


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