ELC Long Day Care FAQs

ELC Long Day Care FAQs

What is ELC Long Day Care?

ELC Long Day Care works in partnership with Brighton Grammar School to provide the best-quality before and after school hours’ care to the ELC community.

What happens at Long Day Care? Boys engage in a wide variety of activities to stimulate their learning and encourage them to have fun. Activities include art and craft, outdoor games, puzzles and board games, dress ups and periods of uninterrupted play.

Who are the staff? Our staff are all experienced team members who hold a minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and a current Working with Children Check. Our Coordinators hold a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies, and are trained in first aid, CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis. There is a Coordinator on duty at all times.

Where is the service located? ELC Long Day Care is located within the Peter Toms Early Learning Centre on Grosvenor Street, Brighton.

What hours does the Centre operate? During term time, the Centre operates 9am to 2.30pm for ELC3 and 8.45am to 2.45pm for ELC4. The long day care hours of operation are 7.30am to 6pm during both term and holiday periods.

What days does the part-time ELC3 program run? Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Can anyone attend? Your son/s must be enrolled in the long day care option to attend. If your son/s is enrolled in the ELC program only (without the long day care option), he is not entitled to attend ELC Long Day Care.

Can I use the Centre for casual bookings? No. Enrolment in the ELC programs is for the year and is subject to an interview and offer process. There are a limited number of places.

Can I pay my fees fortnightly? No. All fees are payable one term in advance. This is calculated on the number of days the ELC is open during the term.

Can I pay my fees net of any rebate? No. The fees need to be billed before any rebate is applied, as a result of individual circumstances.  

Does my rebate come to me or the ELC? From January to June 2018, the rebate will be paid to the family. Forthcoming changes in government policy mean that from 1 July 2018, the rebate will be paid directly to the ELC. Any rebates received directly by the School will be adjusted against the next term’s fee statement.

How does the rebate affect non-resident and international families? All families are responsible for determining their eligibility for these rebates, benefits and subsidies. Please refer to www.humanservices.gov.au/ for more information.

Does my son need to attend a certain number of hours/days a week to receive the rebate? The term-time program is compulsory. The rebate will depend on a number of factors, including the work/study hours of the parent, family income, etc. Families are responsible for determining their eligibility for these rebates.

Do we still pay the daily rate even if we don’t attend? Yes. However, this is an authorised absence and you will still be eligible for any childcare benefit that you would otherwise receive for that day.

How many absences can my child have? Attendances and absences are recorded in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Department of Education and Training. This is currently set at 42 days but does not include public holidays or Centre close-down days.

If my child has a doctor’s certificate, is this still recorded as an absence? Yes.

Can I change options throughout the year? Yes. Any variations in the hours required should be made in writing to the Director of ELC. Notice of a decrease in hours must be given one term in advance. Notice of an increase in hours can be made at any time with a pro-rata adjustment for fees. An increase in hours may take a short time to come into effect.

When do the public holidays fall? These are the gazetted public holidays for Melbourne and will be published on the BGS website. The ELC will not be open and fees will not be charged for these days.

Will the ELC be open on BGS student-free days? The ELC will be open for long day care students but will be closed for term-time-only students on these days.

If a child is repeating ELC3, do they need to select a certain option? Yes. They will need to attend the 5-days per week program; this should be discussed with the Director of ELC.

Does my son need to wear a uniform? All students are required to wear the ELC uniform during term time. Uniforms are not required during the holiday program.

What about meals? All boys enrolled in the long day program who arrive before 8am will receive breakfast. Fees also include afternoon tea for all children attending the long day program. Boys need to bring their own lunch.