They’re nailing it!

Why teach woodcraft?

Teaching woodcraft is more than just learning the skills of how to make a spoon or create a box.

Working with your hands teaches problem solving, maths and science concepts and shows how the real world connects to your classroom.

Culturally, we reward people who are very good in mathematics, science and literacy – and we value great athletes. But there are a lot of boys in the world who are extremely talented experiencing the world through their hands.

We think we should support them and help them.

What on offer?

At BGS all Year 7 boys do Woodcraft as part of Creative Design and Technology.

The emphasis is on skill development as most boys new to the School have not done woodcraft before.

The boys are taught how to use hand-tools like coping saws, tenon saws, the hand held electric drill and the drill press.

In Year 8 the boys learn more craftsmanship skills but the real focus is to develop their creativity and eye for design though making toys for charity. The quality of the furniture produced at VCE is second to none. 

Most years, we have the work from one or more of our boys on display in the coveted Top Design Exhibition.