Community Service

Community service invites boys to think beyond themselves and their desires; helping expand their world view.   

We aim to instil in each and every boy that he has a responsibility to care for others beyond himself and to look for meaningful ways to contribute to the wider community.

There are opportunities from Prep to Year 12 to be involved with serving others.

Programs include:

  • Sony Foundation Frankston Camp – an annual camp run by BGS staff and boys partnering with the Berendale School
  • Martyrs’ School in PNG. BGS has been supporting this remote school in the highlands of PNG for more than 50 years
  • The Ute Full of Food supporting St. Mark’s Church, Fitzroy feeding the poor and hungry.
  • The Baraka School, Nairobi, where, through the support of the Junior School boys there has been a transformation a school in the slums of Kenya.
  • Teaching seniors how to use technology such as iPads.

  This is but a ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the community service undertaken by BGS boys.