Year 10 B2M Program

Brighton Grammar’s B2M program spans Years 9 and 10 – a vital time in the education of every boy.

The academic and co-curricular programs continue and are amplified – with increased options and opportunities. The senior years are looming and academic study becomes increasingly important. Within the co-curricular sphere, boys may be progressing into senior teams and bands and representing the School at the highest levels.

The Year 10 B2M program runs parallel to other academic and co-curricular programs.

In Year 10, boys will have access to the following programs.

Details and the opportunity to submit preferences (for optional programs) will be distributed closer to the relevant program.

  • Connor's Run

    Connor’s Run is a charity fun run for the RCD Foundation. Connor was Robert Connor Dawes (RCD), a BGS student who died of a brain tumour aged 18 in 2014. Robert Connor Dawes attended Brighton Grammar from 2000 to 2012. Connor’s Run was first completed in 2013 and is now an established and vital part of the Brighton community.

    In Year 10, boys may again choose to donate their time and energy to Connor’s Run or they may choose another charity. Choices are endless and all will find a way to make a contribution. 

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

  • First Horizon

    A unique opportunity awaits our Year 10 boys and their fathers/male mentors when they undertake the First Horizon program. 

    The program is focused on bringing out the best in the boys and addresses the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in boys’ lives, as they transition to becoming young men, in a safe and structured way.

    This is one of the most important activities in which a boy and his father/male mentor can participate at this critical time in the boys’ development.

    Over the four-day program, the boys and fathers/male mentors will participate in activities and learn skills that will:

    • build stronger father son relationships
    • develop more confident communication and social skills
    • gain higher levels of respect for mothers and women to support future healthy relationships
    • increase confidence and self-esteem
    • gain skills, tools and experience to become a motivated, responsible and resilient young man.

    A significant beneficial aspect of the program is allowing the boys to think about their futures and what they want to do with their lives. It gives them an opportunity to think about what childhood behaviours they are ready to let go of as they move into manhood.

    Note: Fathers/male mentors will be required for all four days (three nights) of the program.

    Dates: Saturday 4  – Tuesday 7 December 2021 (TBC)

    Location: within 2 hours’ drive of Brighton Grammar School

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

As a School community we pride ourselves on the contributions we make by our service to others. B2M allows numerous opportunities for World Class Journeys.

The opportunity for boys to indicate preferences will be completed in Term 1 of Year 10.

Please note: For most World Class Journeys, additional charges apply. It is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.

  • World Class Journey - Australian Winter Alpine Journey

    Our Australian backcountry ski journey escapes the resort boundaries and crosses the Bogong High Plains; introducing telemark skiing and back-country winter travel techniques, while traversing rocky peaks, snow-gum woodlands, rolling snowfields and historic cattleman huts. This journey showcases an Australian winter environment that very few get to witness.

    The program begins with two days of expert training on the Nordic trails of Falls Creek Resort, while staying in the warmth and comfort of Howmans Gap. From here, the boys prepare for a 5-day guided expedition into the Australian Winter Alpine backcountry. The outline is intentionally fluid to accommodate the boys’ mixed ability levels, the changing mountain conditions, and to empower the boys to explore the various peaks, valleys and rolling plains that dominate the 900 square kilometres of the Bogong Alpine region.

    The Australian winter alpine experience is a dramatic interaction with ancient landscapes and significant weather, and is unlike anything else in the world. 

    Note additional cost approx: $800

    Dates: Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Journey name

    Bogong High Plains Ski Journey

    Journey Landscape


    Journey Mode

    Cross-country skiing




    2+ nights in dormitories / off mountain

    4+ nights in tents in the snow




    The Top of Victoria


    Alpine huts


    Snow shoe OR ski options


    Learn to ski with skill progression guaranteed


  • World Class Journey - The Iconic Snowy River Rafting

    Originating from the snow melt of Mt Kosciuszko, the river runs south, through southern NSW and eastern Victoria to the coastal town of Marlo. One of the most remote river landscapes in Victoria, with road access at our starting point and then again at our end point, this is an opportunity for Year 10 boys to test themselves against the wilderness alongside experienced instructors.

    The boys paddle themselves along the river, carrying all their own gear and food for the 10-day journey. The river is broad with sandy banks, adorned by rock gardens created by boulders. The main rapids, found in the gorge section, are pool-drop and are easily portaged by less experienced paddlers. The river then slows, past Jacksons Crossing, farmland and willows appear as the Snowy meets the Buchan River.

    Note: prog approx. cost $3000

    Dates: Wednesday 4 – Friday 13 August 2021

  • World Class Journey - King Island Surfing


    Experience an eight-day coastal and surfing adventure on King Island, situated in Bass Strait, just off the north-west Tasmanian coast.  


    King Island has become a surf destination for more adventurous surfers and its most famous beach, Martha Lavinia, has been ranked amongst the top 10 beaches in the world.  


    The boys camp along the remote northern coastline of King Island and explore the various beaches and surf spots. This unique surfing experience includes surfing at Martha Lavinia Bbeach (amongst others), coastal camping and hiking, fishing, and exploring the local areas. The boys cook fresh-caught fish on fires on the beach and then hike along the remote coastline to find the perfect spot for the night.   

    This program is for boys who are intermediate surfers and have their own surfing equipment: 3-4m wetsuits, gloves, booties and hood are recommended.  

    Please note, boys must have successfully completed the BGS swim test, and be competent and capable swimmers if they intend to select this program. All boys will be required to attend a pre trip surfing competency test. 

    Date: Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Additional costs: $2950 approx.

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.)

    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Meet at BGS 
    • Transfer to Barwon Heads 
    • Fly Melbourne to King Island 
    • Transfer from King Island Airport to Currie 
    • Shop for groceries in Currie 
    • Transfer to beach 
    • Set up camp 

    Days 2–7 

    • Surfing/Hike/Fishing 

    Day 8 

    • Transfer from campsite to King Island Airport 
    • Fly King Island to Barwon Heads 
    • Transfer from Barwon Heads to BGS 
  • World Class Journey - Lurujarri Heritage Trail


    Hike the Goolarabooloo’s Lurujarri Heritage Trail in Western Australia – a nineday cultural walking journey along the song line of the region. The Goolarabooloo people lead the boys throughout this 80km stretch of saltwater coastal terrain, sharing their heritage along the way. 


    The Goolarabooloo people are still actively engaged in looking after Country, despite living within a western world. They believe that connection with Country and culture is the base of one’s true sense of identity, spiritual and physical health, and self-esteem. 


    In 1987, Paddy Roe initiated the Lurujarri Heritage Trail as a trigger to encourage the members of the Goolarabooloo community to be walking the Country again, as had always been done; to conserve, renew and stay connected with their heritage and traditional skills; and to keep the same alive for generations to come. He also sought to wake up non-Aboriginal people to a relationship with the land; and to foster trust, friendship and empathy between the Indigenous community and the wider Australian and international communities. 

    Date: Monday 2 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Additional costs: $3450 approx. 

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.) 

    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    Fly Melbourne to Broome 

    Day 2 

    Drive to the trail head 

    Meet local guides 

    Days 38 

    Hike along the trail, learning about the local Indigenous culture along the way. 

    Day 9 

    Finish the hike 

    Travel back to Broome 

    Day 10 

    Fly Broome to Melbourne 


  • World Class Journey - Mt Arapiles Multi-Pitch Climb


    A climbing safari style program around the hot spots of Western Victorian crags; culminating in a number of days exploring the cliffs of Mount Arapiles which rise out of the Wimmera Plains in western Victoria and tower above the surrounding farmland. 

    The 3.5km long, 200m high cliff contains more than 3000 climbs and offers huge variety and diversity for the climber. The Year 10 program includes three distinct forms of climbing and focuses on skill progression, with the aim that each boy will have the opportunity to tackle one of the Arapiles great multi-pitch classics by the end of the trip.  

    The boys will begin by exploring the different areas of Victorian climbing where they will be introduced to top rope climbing and bouldering. Once they have developed their climbing and rock safety skills, they have an opportunity to venture higher up the cliffs at Mount Arapiles on their first multi-pitch adventure, led by one of the local Arapiles mountain guides.   


    When: Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August 2021


    Additional costs: Approx. $850 

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.) 


    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Meet at BGS  
    • Possible Day Trip to a local climbing gym to learn the basics of rope safety 

    Days 2–5 

    • Start the rock journey via bus to various climbing sites around Victoria on the way towards Mount Arapiles. 
    • Set Up base camp style 
    • Choice (bouldering/top roping/multi-pitch climbs) 

    Day 5 or 6 

    • Mt Arapiles Rock Journey/food resupply/restful afternoon 

    Day 7 

    • Choice (bouldering/top roping/multi-pitch climbs) 

    Day 8 

    • Sunrise at Summit 
    • Pack down camp 
    • Transfer from Mt Arapiles to BGS by bus 
  • World Class Journey - Outback to the Future Northern Territory

    Immerse yourself in the central Australian desert, appreciating the past and looking to the future.

    Run in conjunction with the crew at Earth Sanctuary, this custom designed ‘Outback to the Future’ program incorporates environmental and cultural activities unique to the central Australian desert, plus a four day hike along the Larapinta Trail (one of Australia’s premier walking tracks). This trip tackles a few sections of the trail, as the whole track typically takes 12 days or more.

    Key locations and events include:
    • Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
    • Space Observatory
    • Kungas Can Cook Bush Tucker
    • Kings Canyon / Watarrka
    • Western MacDonnell Ranges
    • Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs
    • Larapinta Trail hike
    • Outback Survivor Activities
    • Alice Springs Desert Park

    When: Wednesday 4 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Additional costs:
    $3500 approx.
    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.)

    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Fly Melbourne to Yulara 
    • Short interpretive hike around Kata Tjuta 

    Day 2 

    • Uluru Sunrise 
    • Uluru base walk, Mutijulu waterhole, and Mala walk 
    • Aboriginal cultural centre + Camel trek 
    • Travel to Kings Canyon 

    Day 3 

    • Watarrka (Kings Canyon) rim walk 
    • Travel to Earth Sanctuary base. 

    Day 4 

    • Ecology tour, spear throwing, first aid training 
    • Alice Springs Desert Park visit with Birds of Prey show
    • Tour of Alice Springs township 
    • Night sky observatory experience 

    Day 5 

    • Prepare for Larapinta Trail hike: Food shop, sort and packing 
    • Hike Section 4 including Stanley Chasm to Brinkley Bluff 

    Day 6 

    • Hike Section 5 including Linear Valley and Hugh Gorge 

    Day 7 

    • Hike Section 8 including Counts Point and Serpentine Gorge 

    Day 8 

    • Hike Section 12 – Mt Sonder 

    Day 9 

    • Transport back to Alice Springs for cultural immersion experience including bush tucker 
    • Fly Alice Springs to Melbourne 


  • World Class Journey - Sea Kayak FNQ


    Sea kayak the stunning Hinchinbrook and surrounding Family Islands of tropical Northern Queensland. This ten-day adventure begins with skills acquisition on the fresh water crater lakes of the Atherton Tablelands before packing sea kayaks and hit the salt water for a 6night expedition. 

     Hinchinbrook Island is an exceptional wilderness environment.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Region and Australia’s largest Island National Park. Access to the island is extremely limited, students will see sites and walk beaches that are seldom travelled by most.  

     Hinchinbrook Island provides sea kayakers several opportunities for swimming in fresh water rock pools, viewing waterfalls, striking mountainous peaks and coastal scenery, short hikes, diverse ecosystems, secluded beaches and coves, a broad open water crossing and the island archipelago of The Family group.  

    When: Wednesday 4 August – Friday 13 August 

     Additional costs:  $3700 approx.  

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.) 


    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Fly Melbourne to Cairns 
    • Transfer to Atherton Tablelands 
    • Welcome, cultural acknowledgement and trip briefing 
    • Group meal preparation 

    Day 2 

    Transfer to Lake Barrine or walk to Lake Eacham, both volcanic maars enclosed by rainforest, for a full day of sea kayak instruction. Each participant will learn and develop skills such as paddle strokes, communication signals, deep water rescue techniques, the packing and storage of provisions, and weather interpretation. Participants will be introduced to the identification and management of hazards in a marine environment, group management on the water, safety procedures, and be involved in emergency response scenarios. Return to camp, sort gear for expedition, dinner, discussions and bed. 

    Day 3 

    Early rise, breakfast and pack gear. 3hr transfer to Lucinda via Southern Highlands. Unload kayaks and gear, pack kayaks, surplus gear remains, early lunch, pre paddle briefing. Depart Lucinda, paddle to Mulligan Bay, cultural acknowledgement, walk to Mulligan falls, swim, return to kayaks, paddle to Sunken Reef Bay campsite. Set up camp, dinner, discussion, bed. 

    Day 4 

    Rise, breakfast, pre paddle briefing, pack kayaks, coastal paddle to Zoe Bay, walk to Zoe falls, swim, lunch, return to kayaks, afternoon paddle to Agnes Beach. Set up camp, group activity – nautical navigation and map reading, dinner, discussion, bed. 

    Day 5 

    Rise, breakfast, pack kayaks, paddle to Blacksand Beach. Climb Nina Peak (312m) en-route for panoramic views of the island. Afternoon rest. Dinner, discussion, group activity survival strategies of the shipwrecked adventurer, solo night briefing/discussion, bed. 

    Day 6 

    Early rise, breakfast, solo night briefing/discussion/safety protocols, pack kayaks, campsite check, paddle to Sunset Beach. As group approaches Sunset Beach each pair to break from group, paddle to shore, and set up their camp evenly spaced 100-200m apart along Sunset Beach. Group Leaders to be camped between students. 

    Day 7 

    Rise, breakfast, pack gear. Each pair to paddle from shore and form group out on the water. Paddle small crossing to Goold Island. Arrive Wilderness Cove campsite, set up camp, dinner, discussion, bed. 

    Day 8 

    Early rise, breakfast, pack kayaks, pre paddle briefing, commence crossing to Family Islands. Arrive Wheeler Island, set up camp, lunch, afternoon beach swim, dinner, discussion, bed.  

    Day 9 

    Early start, breakfast, pack kayaks, pre paddle briefing, commence inter-island paddle to Dunk Island. Lunch, paddle to Mission Beach. Unpack and set up camp, assist in loading gear and boats, free time, swim. Congratulations on completion, hot meal at Mission Beach Tavern Restaurant (not included in price). Bed. 

    Day 10 

    Rise, breakfast, pack site. Beach walk overlooking Dunk Island and The Family group. Transfer to Cairns Airport Domestic Terminal. Conclusion and farewells. 


  • World Class Journey - Top End NT Explore (Kakadu NP and surrounds)


    The exact schedule of this trip depends on which NT permits we can acquire. Given a permit, we start by hiking the Jatbula Trail (not available for 2021). Either way, the boys are able to explore the amazing Top End escarpments, rock art locations and unique Australian landscapes.   

    At 20,000km2, Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park. It is also one of the few places that has been declared a World Heritage Area for both natural and cultural reasons. According to the original World Heritage Evaluation Report: ‘Combined with the overlay of its cultural values, there is simply no other protected area on earth like Kakadu.’ 

    Kakadu contains one of the world’s greatest collections of prehistoric art, unique in representing the history of a still-living culture. Many of Kakadu’s birds, small animals and plants are found nowhere else.  

    Date: Tuesday 3 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Indicative costs: $3450 approximately 

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.) 

    Indicative [Kakadu] itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Fly Melbourne to Darwin 
    • Preparation session 
    • Overnight in Berrimah 

    Days 2–5 

    Dinner Creek hike, Southern Kakadu 

    An in-and-out exploration of the magical and scarcely 

    known Dinner Creek, a chance to see the surrounding creeks, waterfalls and gorges, and one of the most unusual geological features in Kakadu. 

    Spring-fed Dinner Creek is the first major tributary of the upper South Alligator River. It is in the heart of Buladjang (‘Sickness Country). 

    Days 6–8 

    Koolpin Gorge and Freezing Gorge, Southern Kakadu 

    An exploration of Koolpin and Freezing Gorges 

    Koolpin Creek is one of the largest tributaries of the South Alligator River, draining a large part of Kakadu’s sandstone plateau. The views are a photographer’s delight. Aboriginal art sites tell us that this has been a special place for thousands of years. 

    The Aboriginal traditional owners of the Koolpin area are the Jawoyn people. They know Koolpin as Jarrangbarnmi, which comes from the Jawoyn words jarrang (meaning ‘flood’ or ‘big water flow’) and barn (meaning ‘rift’ or ‘gap’). 

    Although Freezing Creek is much smaller than Koolpin, it has carved a deep and narrow gorge where the sun seldom reaches the water. Most of those who set off in search of the gorge get to the lower section, where they have to climb over and scramble around large boulders. They think that this is the gorge and go no further, leaving the best part to those who have hiked the full distance. 

    Day 10 

    • Transfer to Darwin 
    • Fly Darwin to Melbourne 


  • World Class Journey - Warranbungles


    Walk and cycle through some ancient Australian landscapes.  

    Warrumbungle National Park is an area of former volcanic activity. Its landscape includes forested ridges, barren spires and deep gorges. The rocky spires and domes visible throughout the park are all that is left of a large shield volcano that was active from 13–17 million years ago.  The lava overlays sandstone areas are remnants of the 150 million year old Pilliga Sea. 

    For many thousands of years before European settlement, Aboriginal people regularly visited the Warrumbungle Mountains. The name ‘Warrumbungle’ is a Gamilaroi word meaning crooked mountains. Evidence can be found of Aboriginal camps usually indicated by stone flakes which are the remains of stone tool production. Remnants of early European settlement and past farming practices can also be found throughout the Park. 

     This trip is run in partnership with World Youth Adventures 

     When: Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August 2021

    Additional costs: $3700 approx. 

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.) 

     Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    Fly to Sydney, drive to Blue Mountains, welcome to country, Jamison Valley Trek 

    Day 2 

    Cycle the Great Blue Mountains Trails, drive to Warrumbungles National Park 

    Day 3 

    Burbie Canyon Walk and Belougery Split Rock Circuit 

    Day 4 

    Summit Mt Exmouth Via Cathedral Arch 

    Day 5 

    Trek challenge as we summit Bluff Mountain 

    Day 6 

    Warrumbungle Cultural Heritage Program, Tara Cave loop, Dark Sky Siding Spring Observatory visit 

    Day 7 

    Indigenous immersion, Pilliga Nation Park exploration 

    Day 8 

    Drive back to Sydney Airport, return to Melbourne 

  • World Class Journey - Winter Adventure Tour, NZ


    Bike ride through New Zealand’s South Island in winter, when it transforms into a white wonderland of snow, ice, blue-sky days and mountain views that will take your breath away.

    This South Island winter adventure has been designed to showcase the best of New Zealand’s winter landscapes, from coastal sounds and green valley forests to snow-covered mountains. The boys have plenty of options to customise this adventure and make this a memorable outdoor education experience.

    Routes can include the Queen Charlotte Track and Marlborough Sound area (rated as the best single-track cycle location in NZ) or the lakeside trails of the Alps 2 Ocean, recently listed in the Lonely Planet’s ‘Epic Bike Rides of World’. Either way, the boys will see and experience New Zealand at its best.

    This trip is run in partnership with World Youth Adventures

    When: To take place over 9 days between Tuesday 3 August – Friday 13 August 2021 (TBC)

    Additional costs: $4150 approx 

    (Costs may vary once final arrangements are confirmed. Please note that it is the policy of the School not to allow a student to participate in optional excursions and activities where tuition fees remain unpaid.)  

    Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    • Fly Melbourne to Queenstown 
    • Transfer to accommodation 
    • Trip briefing 
    • Group meal preparation, night hike 

    Day 2 

    Cycle Queenstown trails to the historic goldmining village of ArrowtownLearn about the history of a Chinese goldmining settlement. Follow the Arrow River trail to arrive at the famous Kawarau Bungy bridge to watch the bungy jumpers plunge towards the deep blue Kawarau River. Return to Queenstown along the cycle trails, following the shore of Lake Wakatipu. 

    Day 3 

    Head to Mt Pisa Snow Farm, where we are kitted out with skis and snow gear. Receive instruction in cross-country skiing and spend time practicing technique. 

    Traverse to a remote backcountry hut for a picnic lunch, experiencing the stunning alpine environment as we gradually climb and descend the rolling hills of the Pisa Range.  

    In the late afternoon, drive down to Cardrona, where we can see the iconic hotel, store and post office. Hop on our bikes for a downhill ride to Wanaka. 

    Day 4 

    Mountain biking through Sticky Forest, where a network of single track winds its way through Pine Forest in Wanaka’s township. There are over 20 tracks to choose from. Whether it’s the technical switchbacks of Stumpy and Yumpts, the beautiful berms of Venus, or Crankin‘ Fine’s legendary uphill corkscrew, these trails are expertly designed to be enjoyed by beginners and pros. 

    Leave Wanaka and drive over the Lindis Pass to Oamarama. Visit the Clay Cliffs and learn about the pinnacles that were formed by the glaciers over one million years ago.  

    Visit the historic woolshed at Quailburn. 

    On our bikes, join the famous Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail (an off-road trail that heads 300km from Mt Cook to the sea at Oamaru). 

    Day 5 

    Hike up to the Red Tarns or along the amazing glacial Hooker Valley to admire the alpine environment. (Other options include a walk to see Tasman Glacier and to traverse alongside the lateral moraine.) Learn about the striking glacial geomorphology in the region and witness the landforms carved by recent glaciation.  

    Visit the Sir Edmund Hillary Museum to learn about the pioneer and his expeditions to climb Everest. 

    Day 6 

    Drive to Lake Tekapo. Get fitted for snowshoes and take a short, scenic drive around the lake to Mt Gerald Station. A 3hour snowshoe hike brings us to the exclusive and remote Rex Simpson Hut that we have to ourselves for the night. 

    In the evening, we can enjoy a hot drink beside the pot belly stove as we help prepare a tasty dinner. We watch the sun set behind the alps and enjoy spectacularly clear displays of our Southern Hemisphere stars in the dark sky reserve. 

    Day 7 

    Snowshoe hike along a 6km ridgetop nicknamed ‘Snake Ridge’, formed by Ice Age glaciation, to the top of Beuzenberg Peak, climbing 770m to an altitude of 2073m. From here, we can see the East Face of Mount Cook dominating the western skyline.  

    Return to Rex Simpson Hut the same way. Enjoy a second night at the hut with more welldeserved hearty food and amazing stargazing. 

    Day 8 

    Snowshoe hike along the Two Thumb Range. We explore the ice-covered streams and snowy valleys before starting the descent back to Tekapo.  

    After lunch, we head towards our final destination, the Rakaia Gorge. Here we join a Discovery Jet for an exhilarating jet boat ride on the Rakaia River. Towering limestone cliffs and the snowcapped Southern Alps provide an unforgettable backdrop out on the water and make a fitting end to our South Island Winter Adventure.  

    One-hour bus ride to Christchurch City. 

    Fly Christchurch to Melbourne. 

  • World Class Journey - Wyperfeld National Park


    Experience the unique Mallee country as you take ownership of your hiking route day by day.   

    The boys take ownership of their journey, so trained adults supervise from short distances, offering help and guidance when needed but allowing the boys to create their own adventures within the boundaries of safe practice.  
    The Wyperfeld National Park journey offers many route options, enabling the boys to experientially hone their map and compass skills. 

    This area is home to some of Australia’s most unique animal life, including the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, the Mitchell’s hopping mouse, emus, Mallee fowl, eagles, sand goannas and many more.  

    Although warmer during the day than coastal areas in Victoria, nights are crisp and the skies clear of light pollution, offering spectacular views of the universe, especially if you sleep out under the stars beside the fire.


    Training and Preparation Days:  Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5 August 2021

    Journey dates: Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August 2021

     Costs: Nil 

     Indicative itinerary: 

    Day 1 

    Meet at BGS 

    Transfer to Wonga Campground by bus 

    Head out on trail 

    Days 27 

    Choose your route to the next campsite as you make your way across the park to a designated pick-up location 

    Day 8 

    Meet the coaches at designated pickup location 

    Transfer back to BGS 

How to book your program preference

Families will be sent more details about how to select preferences for the B2M optional trips. This is for Year 10 boys in relation to World Class Journeys. Please note, for a number of these Journeys, special conditions and additional charges apply.

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