Year 10 Capstone Program

Brighton Grammar’s Capstone program spans Years 9 and 10 – a vital time in the education of every boy.

The academic and co-curricular programs continue and are amplified – with increased options and opportunities. The senior years are looming and academic study becomes increasingly important. Within the co-curricular sphere, boys may be progressing into senior teams and bands and representing the School at the highest levels.

The Year 10 Capstone program runs parallel to other academic and co-curricular programs.

In Year 10, boys will complete the following programs.

Details and the opportunity to submit preferences (for optional programs) will be distributed closer to the relevant program.

  • Awake

    Connection, Authenticity and Motivation

    What: STOP…. BREATHE……BE

    At the beginning of the second year of the Capstone  program, the boys venture into nature, to slow down, be present and really tune into who they are and what is important to them.

    Through a facilitated process including sharing stories, reflective and extended solo time writing the boys have a chance to explore the world around them and re-align their focus to continue on the path towards First Horizon.

    This solo experience takes place in the wilderness, alone in nature.

    This four-day trip begins in a small group setting and progresses into an extended solo. They will have all the rations and provisions they need and will be monitored from a distance to ensure their safety. The experience culminates with a guided self-reflection intended to unlock a clearer sense of self and purpose.

    Day 1


    The boys travel to the location and connect to the Country and purpose.

    Day 2


    Through sharing circles and writing activities the boys explore the world around them.

    Day 3


    Alone in their own protected space, the boys are encouraged to sit with their thoughts and reflect deeply on who they are.

    Day 4

    They begin the day with a reflective writing piece to summarise the experience.

  • Alive

    Creativity and Connection

    What: Experience a Festival of the Arts at Brighton Grammar School by Night in conjunction with FGS. Year 10s are invited to curate a festival of Music, Production and Fine Art to be held on Friday August 5th. A revised leadership structure (Captain’s of Music, Fine Art and Production along with a Prefect) will engage the Year 10 body in Term 2 around the ideas that could make up the Festival around the core theme of what is it to be ‘Alive in 22’.

    The program could include:

    • Architectural Light show
    • Live Theatre
    • Circus performances
    • Puppetry
    • Gallery of works 
    • Musical items and buskers
    • Clowns and characters
    • Film
    • Mixed media
    • Fireworks
    • Old Boy involvement
    • FGS Year 10 involvement

    Anything in the creative space.

    The Middle Years Production at Firbank will be held the next week which gives us an opportunity for those who have character roles to be involved as Year 9s.

    When: Term 2 or 3

    Indicative Schedule: Term 1  

    9 May / 1 August

    Bump in visual building light show for the week

    10 May / 2 August

    NAPLAN / Parent Student Teacher Discussions

    13 May / 5 August

    6 – 10pm Festival

    14 May / 6 August

    Bump out – Final Round of Winter Sport


  • Connor's Run

    Connor’s Run is a charity fun run for the RCD Foundation. Connor was Robert Connor Dawes (RCD), a BGS student who died of a brain tumour aged 18 in 2014. Robert Connor Dawes attended Brighton Grammar from 2000 to 2012. Connor’s Run was first completed in 2013 and is now an established and vital part of the Brighton community.

    In Year 10, boys may again choose to donate their time and energy to Connor’s Run or they may choose another charity. Choices are endless and all will find a way to make a contribution. 

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

  • First Horizon

    A unique opportunity awaits our Year 10 boys and their adult mentors when they undertake the First Horizon program.

    The program is focused on bringing out the best in the boys and addresses the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in boys’ lives, as they transition to becoming young men, in a safe and structured way.

    This is one of the most important activities in which a boy and his adult mentor can participate at this critical time in the boys’ development.

    Over the four-day program, the boys and adult mentors will participate in activities and learn skills that will:

    • build stronger relationships
    • develop more confident communication and social skills
    • increase confidence and self-esteem
    • gain skills, tools and experience to become a motivated, responsible and resilient young man.

    A significant beneficial aspect of the program is allowing the boys to think about their futures and what they want to do with their lives. It gives them an opportunity to think about what childhood behaviours they are ready to let go of as they move into adulthood.

    Adult mentors will be required for all four days (three nights) of the program.

    Dates: Term 4
    Location: within 2 hours’ drive of Brighton Grammar School

    Note – core program: no additional cost.

Optional Programs

Sport, academic and other trips and tours will be offered to all Year 10s as an optional component of Capstone. World Class Journeys will be offered in Year 11 and 12.

More information about these programs will be sent at the appropriate time. Please note, for a number of these Journeys, special conditions and additional charges apply.

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