Innovative boys school, Brighton Grammar Middle School Building Secondary School (7-8)

We're here to help boys navigate the ‘bumpy road’ of adolescence

Early adolescence is characterised by enormous physical, social, emotional and cognitive change. We understand this, and know what to do to support your son.

21st century learning in 21st century spaces

Innovative boys school, Brighton Grammar Middle School Building

Year 7 and 8 boys are housed in the flagship Urwin Learning Centre, opened in 2014 – a self-contained, state-of-the art flexible learning community.

This spacious facility gives the 300 Year 7 and 8 boys the chance to run, play, socialise, collaborate and learn together without feeling overwhelmed by the older boys.

To ease the natural anxiety boys experience about starting secondary school, a fabulous transition program is in place, where they will not only get to meet their classmates and teachers but will also see amazing facilities.

Mums and dads are welcome too

A distinguishing feature of the BGS culture the ongoing involvement of parents in their son’s school experience.

From attending excursions, father/son and mother/son social events, acting as mentors during the iDesign project, or barracking from the sidelines at Saturday sport, we know the presence of parents has a direct and positive influence on the success of the boys.

Award winning facility

Brighton Grammar Boys in state of the art Middle School Science Classroom

To be honest, great teaching can occur anywhere!   

It is so dependent on actually having a great teacher (and we have lots of those!).  However, when the learning environment is also spacious, light, adaptable to all sorts of learning activity and technology rich – then the teaching and learning can lift to a whole new level.  

The multi award-winning Urwin Learning Centre is recognised as Australia’s stand-out Year 7 and 8 learning facility.    

We teach them to speak up!

Year 12 Boys do exhibition debate for Year 7s at top Melbourne boys school, Brighton Grammar

Despite what you see your son doing at home, speaking up and thinking on their feet, especially in public, is not easy for many boys. 

Involvement in public speaking and debating classes and competitions is par for the course in the Secondary School (7-8). This way, we know that, when called upon to present, our boys can do it – and with confidence!  

What about girls?

Brighton Grammar Middle School Boys interact with Firbank Grammar Girls

Core to the development of any boy is learning how to interact positively with girls.

Understanding how girls think, how they like to be treated and how they treat you is essential.  Our sister school, Firbank Grammar, is literally 500 metres down the street and a range of social, cultural and academic learning activities are organised every year.

In Years 7 and 8, combined activities include such things as Book Club, Debating, Philosophy Colloquiums, the annual drama production, musical performances and class-based workshops.  

Year 7 Subjects Year 8 Subjects

English, Mathematics Science, Humanities, Music, Health & Physical Education, Drama Religious Education/Philosophy, Ethics and Belief, LOTE (Language other than English). Year 7 boys have a taste of four languages during the year. (Chinese, Japanese, French & Latin), Creative Design & Technology, PROSPER (Wellbeing)  

English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Music, Health & Physical Education, Drama, Religious Education/Philosophy, Ethics and Belief), LOTE (Language other than English), Creative Design & Technology, PROSPER (Wellbeing)