Secondary School (7-8)

We're here to help boys navigate the ‘bumpy road’ of adolescence

Early adolescence is characterised by enormous physical, social, emotional and cognitive change. We understand this, and know what to do to support your son.

At Brighton Grammar we have actively linked with world-class authorities on boys’ education to launch a range of academic and wellbeing initiatives to develop a positive school culture that empowers our students in their studies and lives.

Welcome to Year 7 and 8

Innovative boys school, Brighton Grammar Middle School Building

Year 7 and 8 boys are housed in our flagship Urwin Centre – a self-contained, state-of-the art flexible learning community.

This spacious facility gives lower secondary boys the chance to run, play, socialise, collaborate and learn together without feeling overwhelmed by older boys.

To ease the natural anxiety boys experience about starting secondary school, a fabulous transition program is in place, where they will not only get to meet their classmates, Heads of Year and teachers but also spend time in amazing facilities and experience some of our programs.

Parent Program

Crowther Centre workshops offer parents practical advice in support of their boys’ learning, development and wellbeing.

Expert staff provide evidence-based information on topics relevant to young and teenage boys as they progress through their schooling years.

Through this unique program, parents can engage with their child’s learning and in turn, positively impact their academic and personal development.

Teaching and Learning

Our focus on increasing student engagement has resulted in exceptional academic results.

We use coaching methods to foster a high-performance learning environment.

Boys receive one-on-one coaching from a member of staff but they also learn to coach one another. 

Via our effective learner model, boys acquire the skills to take responsibility for their own learning.

Positive Masculinity

Positive masculinity and wellbeing are embedded in our curriculum to empower students to be authentic, connected and motivated.

When boys feel that they belong, they feel safe to speak with integrity, listen empathetically, connect with others respectfully and be the best version of themselves. 

BGS offers students evidence-informed initiatives in wellbeing, stress management, persona development and self-health practices.

Improved wellbeing outcomes have led to greater student engagement and stronger academic performance.

What about girls?

Core to the development of any boy is learning how to interact positively with girls.

Understanding how girls think, how they like to be treated and how they treat you is essential.  Our sister school, Firbank Grammar, is just 500 metres down the street and a range of social, cultural and academic learning activities are organised every year.

In Years 7 and 8, combined activities include such things as book club, debating, cross-campus swap days, annual drama production, musical performances and class-based workshops.  

English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Music, Drama, Health Wellbeing and PE (including Religious Educations, Philosophy, Ethics and Belief), LOTE (Language other than English with a choice of Chinese, Japanese, French and Latin), and Creative Design and Technology (including Art, Media, Wood Technology, and Food Technology).