Legally Blonde behind the scenes

By Steven Alesi (Year 12, Captain of Drama)

As a cast member and lead role in Legally Blonde, I can say that the work behind the scenes was massive! We rehearsed on Fridays and Sundays – a total of around 6 hours a week – since February. At times we felt the work was tough, but in the end we reaped the rewards and were extremely pleased with how the show turned out.

My favorite part of the show was getting to work with the large group of boys and girls, and getting to meet so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. Although I felt comfortable singing for the show, I struggled with some of the dancing. But, with the help of the creative team, I was able to learn the dances and had so much fun in doing so.

As I finish Year 12, Legally Blonde and the other productions I have been part of over the years will stay with me forever. They have taught me so much that I could never learn in a classroom and I will cherish the time I spent rehearsing and performing.