Looking ahead – and thank you

As we wrap up 2017, we farewell the following staff, who have held leadership roles within the School. I thank these staff for the guidance their have provided within their respective areas and wish them well for their next adventure:

  • Jeremy Martin, Head of Middle School
  • Natalie van Wetering, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Deanne Cannizzaro, Director of Programs and Activities (Years 7–12)
  • Jamie Ransome, Director of Music
  • Andrew Barr, Head of Mathematics (Years 7–12)

We also farewell the following staff who are retiring from BGS after long periods of service:

  • Gary McPhee
  • Ian Giles
  • John Croft
  • Rick Pemberton

I’d like to congratulate the following staff on their appointment to a leadership role from 2018:

  • Rachel Horton, Deputy Headmaster/Head of Secondary School
  • Cameron Taylor, Director of Activities and Operations (Years 7–12)
  • Jared Furtado, Acting Director of Music
  • Bryn Humberstone, Head of Mathematics (Years 7–12)

Ross Featherston