On Thursday 21 July eight BGS boys made the trip to Lowther Hall, a girls school in Essendon, to participate in a Year 4 Maths Games Day.  This was a fabulous opportunity to meet and work with like-minded students and to further develop their mathematical thinking skills.

The boys didn’t just have a fun day, they were fortunate enough to be awarded a team shield and medals for 1st and 3rd place against a number of other schools.      

Well done to the boys for their enthusiasm and diligence, and to their teacher Jane Lowe, who the boys all agreed, deserved a medal for teaching them so well.  Special congratulations to James Tan for his excellent performance in the  ‘mental maths’ section.   

(L-R) Hugh Hasker, Lachlan Auden, Jackson Chen, Lachlan Kwong, James Tan, James Mannion, Tom Jorgensen and Andrew Mc Gregor