Talking positive and healthy masculinities

Dr Matt Englar-Carlson and Ross Featherston have been on ABC Radio Melbourne's drive program.

Prof Matt Englar-Carlson and Headmaster Ross Featherston were on ABC Radio to talk about Matt’s visit to Australia and broadly to discuss what positive masculinity means. Have a listen to their conversation with program host Warwick Long below. 

This is a snip from an episode which was broadcast on Tuesday 14 March 2023 with Matt Englar-Carlson and Ross Featherston speaking to Warwick Long on ABC Radio Melbourne’s Drive program regarding positive and healthy masculinities. It references a seminar by Matt Englar-Carlson at Brighton Grammar School.

The episode can be heard in full on the ABC Radio Melbourne Drive program website.

This recording occurs at: 2.04.04 – 2.20.17