Mindfulness Still Cloud

At Brighton Grammar, we are committed to daily mindfulness practice for all Junior School boys.

This may be using a designated lesson in the Smiling Mind App or by practising a Mindfulness breathing technique.

Current research indicates well conducted mindfulness interventions are capable of:

  • Improving wellbeing;
  • Reducing worries, anxiety, stress;
  • Decreasing distress and reactivity;
  • Improving sleep;
  • Increasing self-esteem;
  • Increasing feelings of calmness, relaxation;
  • Improving self-regulation and awareness.

In addition to the Mindfulness Still Cloud, boys in Year 5 are immersed in the PAWs mindfulness program practising many mindfulness techniques and learning about the brain.

A group of Year 6 boys are currently being coached in the development of a teacher supervised mindfulness activity for boys called Mindcess.

Boys have been seen practising mindfulness of their own volition in the playground, which is testament to the boys’ engagement in the BGS Junior School’s Mindfulness approach.

Monica Le Couteur
Co-ordinator of Student Growth and Wellbeing, Junior School