Much more than right or wrong

A Maths Evening may not sound like your idea of a great night out, but the Green Hat Workshop can make it so! The Year 3s and 4s boys invited a parent to join them for an evening of open-ended play. Each pair received a box of planks. An hour and a half later, everyone was still engrossed, and the creations were spectacular. The question is, how did Curtis Fyfe (Year 3) place those top planks?

Throughout this term, Prep to Year 6 boys have been involved in an incursion titled ‘World of Maths’. It has been a unique experience that has provided engaging, hands-on, mathematical problem solving activities. Rotating between a number of challenging tasks, the boys have collaborated to find solutions to puzzles, building their persistence and lateral thinking skills.


Joanne Davies
Junior School Teaching & Learning Coordinator