National Champions

Year 12 students Erik Kyparisis and Jenson Galvin are the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) 2023 national competition winners.

In mid-August, I had the privilege of accompanying outstanding students Erik and Jenson to Canberra for the national Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) facilitated by the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise.

This significant event brought together students from 17 esteemed schools from around Australia, for an intense two-day debate. Held in the historic Senate ‘red’ room of the Old Parliament House, the event provided a fitting setting for the young and clever minds to discuss and negotiate global issues.

Immersed in the dynamics of role-playing the political process, the experience was truly inspiring. Erik and Jenson exhibited a natural flair for diplomacy and politics, adeptly handling intricate discussions. Their skillful negotiation abilities hint at potential careers in these fields. 

The array of topics tackled during the competition was both diverse and challenging. Resolutions encompassed critical matters such as environmental crime prevention, global food security, and the complex situations in Myanmar and the South China Sea.

Our students represented Somalia, embracing the unique challenges of being a developing nation and often advocating for the less popular stances on numerous issues. Despite this, both Erik and Jenson showcased impressive articulation, meticulous preparation, and an admirable ability to critically engage with opposing viewpoints.

Their well-crafted rebuttals played a pivotal role in securing their competition victory. A moment of pride arrived when  Lorraine Finlay, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, personally recognised their achievements.

Beyond the competition, we explored the historic Changi Chapel at the Royal Military College in Duntroon; met with Roberto Rizzo, the Ambassador of Italy, to broaden the boys’ global perspective; and spent time at enjoying insights into the nation’s artistic heritage at the National Portrait Gallery.

Kirsten Dunsby
Head of Debating and Public Speaking