One day. A lifetime of opportunity.

Every boy deserves the chance to find his unique place in the world. At Brighton Grammar, we want to help him discover where that is, and how he can be the best version of himself every step of the way.

But what about the boys who are simply unable to start their journey at BGS? Shouldn’t they have the opportunity to thrive in a school that understands, accepts and celebrates them?

We think so.

On Wednesday 21 June, our Annual Appeal will aim to raise a record sum of $200,000 – in just 24 hours. The money raised will fund a means-tested scholarship, transforming a boy’s life through the gift of education.

The deal: $200,000 sounds like a lot. But every donation counts – for more than you think. Each dollar you give will be matched by our five generous benefactors, so your donation goes four times further.

The catch: It’s all or nothing. If we miss our target, donations will be refunded and a boy will miss out. We have just 24 hours.

Where your will money go: Half will go directly to the scholarship recipient, who will start in 2018. The other half will be used for future scholarship boys. 

It will be easy to donate; we will send you a link. To see the countdown in action, click here.