Outdoor Ed: beyond the classroom walls

Year 9 boys entered their final term by heading straight back out the gates again!  Off to solidify the lessons learnt on the Great Southwest Journey, and set themselves up for their Year 10 World Class Journeys with some skills extension.   The boys were able to put preferences in for which ‘river’ venue they attended, and also had choice in who their cooking partners would be.

From the mighty Murray River on the NSW/VIC border, and the ancient Mitchell River landscape in Gippsland, or the top of Mount Stirling (with a side visit to the famous Craig’s Hut of Man from Snowy River movie fame) whose snow melt eventually ends up in Lake Eildon, to the Goulburn River that flows out of Lake Eildon.

It was a pleasure to see smiling faces jump off the bus to greet family, and to hear several stories of how much more confident, prepared and willing to tackle the challenges ahead these Year 9s were compared to just before their Journey in February.  I hope that our boys have been able to pause and reflect on their personal growth over this year and give themselves a pat on the back for everything they have achieved in their first year of B2M programs.

This past weekend, Nathan O’Malley and I were able to get on a river ourselves as we participated in the fourth annual Father/Son Whitewater Rafting adventure to the Mitta Mitta River near Omeo.  An optional program for Year 6 families – we spent time sharing stories and moments with fellow dads and sons around raging open fires, hurdling down bouncing rapids, or on the cricket pitch! A rare opportunity to get to know some BGS families and expand our three cornered partnership.  If you have a son in Year 5, put it down in your calendars for 2020 and ‘be part of it’!

David Gemmell
Head of Outdoor Education