Past and present at BGS

To complement their study of ‘past and present’, the Year 1 boys have ventured into the Senior School for a couple of visits to investigate the links between the School today and their own experiences. Last week, the 40 boys started their tour in Dr Swann’s office, where he invited them to sit at his desk and introduced the Prefects.

Ray described the SS as like a castle, with Mr Featherston as the king, Dr Swann as an important helper, and the Prefects as the brave knights who take care of all those in the castle. The Prefects showed the Year 1s the castle’s tower (the Prefect room) and answered the boys’ questions.

Last term, the boys ran into Ray in the Quad, and Ray stopped to answer some Very Important Questions, including ‘Do you have to bring your own water?’ and ‘What’s in the treasure boxes?’ The boys found it hilarious that Headmaster Rofe just to call out from the Tower to tell boys to pull up their socks! The boys couldn’t believe the size of the Oak Tree – we’d shown them a photo of the tree just after it was planted.

As we left the Quad, the boys insisted on some playtime on the ‘big boys’ oval’ and we took some photos at the soccer stands.