Pastoral Care in Distance Learning

By Travis Hopgood, Director of Students (Years 7-12)

This extended break from school affords the chance for staff and students to spend extra time with their families, and learn differently. The shift to our homes to work and learn unearths daily ‘gold’ for us all and I encourage you to find it.

Students are checking in with their tutors twice a day and engaging in some light hearted fun as they organise their day and are marked on the roll. The temptation to sleep in and spend time on the couch has been replaced with a routine, healthy habits and a sense of belonging. 

The boys continue to develop systems and keep to their schedule. The timetable has been structured to balance the screen time with asynchronous learning and co-curricular activities.

Tutors continually work through the opportunities on The Oak each day that promote self-care,  family time, community and service to others. The boys are constantly developing a systematic approach to their learning and wellbeing. Keeping the boys motivated and engaged with each other and their community is a big part of how we structure to the day through tutor time. 

The School’s pastoral team is available to your son to ensure he doesn’t become overloaded and that he keeps in touch with what is most important: his wellbeing, his family, his friends and BGS.