Pen pal program

Brighton Grammar has for many years now enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with elderly residents of The Crescent opposite Secondary School, with BGS boys volunteering in a variety of roles, such as IT support, choristers and musicians, over the years. 

With social distancing regulations imposed in recent months, and with many of the residents having no contact with their families, the idea came to light to begin handwritten pen pal relationships and three of  our boys, Jenson Galvin (Year 9), Andrew McGregor (Year 8) and Jack Harrington (Year 8) took up the challenge.

These boys should all be commended for helping to put a smile on the faces of their new pen pals.  They have loved learning about yesteryear and what the lives of their newfound friends entailed, including reading about Brighton during World War II and the bunkers that were created near Brighton Baths, could you imagine?

There is also a BGS connection with one of the resident’s grandsons being a BGS Old Boy who is in his final year of studying Law. 

It has been wonderful to see our boys actively participate in community service closer to home, as part of the Sweeping the Sheds challenge. 

For more information on Community Service opportunities at BGS, please make sure to visit The Oak on the Hub. 

Anna Ladas, 
Director of Service