Father’s Day from afar!

Though gone from the school, they’re far from forgotten. These Old Boys, still in contact with the International Parent Support Group, have sent through photos of themselves and their dads, including two who are now dads themselves, Dr Kouki Akahoshi (OB 2007) with is new born twins in Japan, and Steven Sutanto (OB 2009) and his son Philemon in Jakarta.

1. Kouki Akahoshi (OB 2007) and his wife Syoko and their very new born beautiful twins. Kouki and his family live in Tokyo where he and his wife are both doctors.
2. Ryotaro Iwata (OB 2015) and his dad Kiyoshi. Ryotaro is living and studying in Tokyo. Check out the BGS corner in the background!
3. Kichiro Iwata (OB 2013) and his dad Kiyoshi taken at his sister Marina’s wedding. Kichiro is living and working in Tokyo.
4. Bowen Ke and his dad Colin. Bowen now attends and International School in Houston Texas where Colin has moved for work. He is just starting in Year 8.
5. Gregorie Dillee (OB 2018) and his dad Guilliane. Gregorie is currently living in Paris and continuing his studies at Monash University online from there.
6. William Feng (OB 2018) and his dad Michael. William is studying Design in New York, but is currently studying online back in China.
7. Julius Kienlein (OB 2010) and his dad Bernhard. They live in Vienna and Julius has set up his own Recording Studio.
8. Steven Sutanto (OB 2009) and his son Philemon. Steven and his family live in Jakarta where he is the CEO of PT Duraquipt Cemerlang Company, Indonesia.
9. Andy Nie (OB 2018) and his dad Jiaxin. Andy is currently studying 2nd year Biomedicine at Melbourne University.
10. Mat Izmaylov and his dad Sergi. Mat is currently back in Russia at the moment due to Covid-19 and was selected to attend the ‘Think GlobalSchool’, which is the world’s first travelling High School where he is in year 10.
11. Steven Gundlach and his dad Thomas. Steven and his family are now living in Hanover, Germany where Steven is in Year 7 at The international School.
12. Lindon Ning Yao (OB 2013) and his dad Danny. Ning is in his 2nd year of The Graduate JD Course at Melbourne University.
13. Björn Wandel and his dad Tom. They live in Sweden and Björn is in his final year of High School over there.
14. Bosco (OB 2012) and Kenny Tam (OB 2011), with their parents Sandra and Willie in Hong Kong. Kenny is a Technology and FinTech lawyer with an international law firm, and Bosco is an IT project analyst, both are in Hong Kong.