Picture this

Six figures stand huddled around the light. It’s minus 2, and the fog is setting in. The boys have finally gone to bed after a day of travel, experience, engagement, and seeing powerful life changing images from Parliament House and The Australian War Memorial.

Each teacher comments on the day, the boys in their care. What they saw, the social exchanges. Did we unpack the behaviour at dinner well enough? How is this boy travelling do you think? How can we encourage the boys to engage more in conversation with each other?

I can feel the cold creeping in. The staff do a final sweep across the cabins to make sure that all of the boys are soundly asleep. Mr Tellefson gives the nod and we start to walk back to our own cabins and I’m filled with thoughts of the day. About these young men full of hope learning about our country in the Nation’s capital. The teachers’ watchful eyes. The laughter. Kick to kick in a garden outside Old Parliament house. Their looks of reverence at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Is there a better job in the world than this – to help form young men of character, purpose and integrity?