Learning poetry in Year 5

Throughout Term 2, the Year 5 boys have been learning about poetry, different types of poems and poetic devices.

My zoom Limerick
There once was a boy in his room,
who had to log onto his zoom.
sometimes it was magic,
and other times tragic,
Until his computer went boom!


You are very helpful.
You are nice.
You are the one who cares about everyone.
You love me even when I am down.
You help me become a better person.
You care when I am hurt.

I wonder if you will keep being the Mum you are.
I hear you whisper in my ear.
I see you everyday.
I feel tired and strong with you.
I want you to know I love you.
I understand you are busy.
I dream about you and my future.
I hope that we stay strong.

Thank you for helping me become a man of the future.


I Am Poem
I am a curious mind that wants to learn.
I wonder how my future will be.
I hear a bell ringing, taking me to learn.
I see friends and new people everyday.
I want to learn and discover.
I am a curious mind that wants to learn.

I pretend to fly.
I feel something magical.
I touch a never ending tree.
I worry about my short comings.
I cry when I remember my grandparents.
I am a curious mind that wants to learn.

I understand the homework and how it effects my life.
I say I will get a good future.
I dream to get a good future.
I try to succeed.
I hope I succeed.
I am a curious mind that wants to learn.



Green is the grass.
Green is the luscious field beneath my feet.
Green is what I feel when I am joyful.
Green is the colour of spectacular nature.
Green smells like freshly mown grass.
Green tastes like vegetables just picked out of the garden.
Green sounds like a frog croaking deafeningly.
Green looks like a beautiful overgrown rainforest full of wildlife.
Green feels like the vegetables steaming away in the pot.
Green makes me want to go out and explore the world.
Green is my Mum’s favourite colour.


Cathy Box
Year 5 Teacher