Positive Masculinity in Psychology Today

Congratulations to Headmaster Ross Featherston and Deputy Headmaster, Head of Crowther Dr Ray Swann on their research being globally recognised in an article published in US magazine Psychology Today.

From their paper “Operationalizing Positive Masculinity: A Theoretical Synthesis and School-based Framework to Engage Boys and Young Men” (Michael Wilson, Kate Gwyther, Ray Swann, Kate Casey, Ross Featherston, John L Oliffe, Matt Englar-Carlson, Simon M Rice), their work focuses on exploring how men can develop a healthy and positive masculinity through role-modelling and mentorship.

As a society, we need positive male role models to help guide boys into adulthood.

This research provides a valuable framework for teaching a model of positive masculinity, which is a part of our students’ curriculum at Brighton Grammar.