Reading better together

The Smith’s Family Student2Student is a peer-to-peer reading support program which matches older buddies (our students in Years 7-12) with younger readers to help improve their reading skills, confidence and enjoyment.

In June, 11 BGS student buddy readers from Years 7-12 took on training, a 20 minute call with their younger reader 2-3 times a week and a commitment to the program for 18 weeks. The volunteer hours can count towards the School’s Duke of Edinburgh award.

Here is some feedback from our current buddy readers who are making a REAL difference in the life of a younger student!

 “My experience with the Student-to-student reading program has been rewarding. Three times a week I get to listen to my buddy read and have a chat with him. Over the past months I have also struck up a strong friendship with him.”   

Aidan, Year 8

 “My experience with the program has been good. My partner is getting much more confident in his reading and talking to me about words he finds hard.”

Elias, Year 9

 “This was an amazing opportunity- meeting a new person, connecting with them and their family. I would do this program for many years to come because it was easy, fun and overall an amazing experience.”

Nicholas, Year 7

“My reading is going well. After about two weeks my buddy was actually ready to move up a level, and he’s doing really well and improving by the day. I’m enjoying it quite a bit”.

 Huw, Year 8

 “(It) has been great to see our readers develop over the time of the program. I’m pleased to see good progress being made.”

Kenneth, Year 7

Ruth Silva
Urwin Centre Librarian
S2S Program Coordinator