Reconciliation Week 2021

Reconciliation Takes Action

Reconciliation Week begins with the anniversary of the 1967 referendum on 27 May and ends with Mabo Day on 3 June. This year’s theme of Reconciliation Takes Action is a fitting reminder as we continue work on our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

This year we established the RAP Student Engagement Group which will help shape the way reconciliation will look at Brighton Grammar. The Student Engagement Group will collaborate with both our Staff Working Group and our First Nations Engagement Group, and will champion the actions of the RAP with the student body. 

We have begun a journey to build a deeper connection with First Nations people and culture, to connect to the ancient stories of Country, woven into the landscape all around us. It begins with Reconciliation, at times it might challenge our way of thinking and we might have to lean into that uncomfortable feeling. In the end, we could discover a deeper sense of belonging and identity.

To get involved in the Reconciliation Week events, visit the  NRC website

James Hilditch
Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator